Halloween Nov 2, 2013

A Halloween Masquerade Party

A Special Presentation Of

Sonic Event Productions

Calling all those who share in the night, a chance to dress up and give folks a fright! It is that time of the year to bring fear and happiness together and celebrate Halloween with our laughter in costumes and masks.

There wHalloween Party 2013ill be DJ music, LIVE SHOW, drinking, and dancing all night till the Moon kisses the Sun then the party will be done.

Please note t
hat this is a private party and the whole area is booked for us so there won’t be any public walk ins.

Location: Dewey’s Bar (North Power Plant, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2N2)

Date and Time: November 02, 2013 @ 7:00pm to 1:00am

Tickets: $20.00/person (call 7807164439 NREF UofA-7806919960 ETLC UofA-7806343118 Downtown)

Kids are allowed (under 12 free of charge)

Limited numbers of tickets, NO @ door tickets, HURRY UP!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all, and dress to impress.

Prizes for the best costumes!!!

Sonic Event Productions



Flamenco En Vivo, Sam Tabet, Mimi Ghazaal

 When one thinks of the most exotic music of the world, two come to mind first which are Spanish and Arabic. When the rhythms of Sahara and Spain blend together, they create the happiest, darkest, and the most alluring ambience. We have the pleasure and honor to bring Flamenco En Vivo, Sam Tabet, and Mimi Ghazaal together in one night to create a unique performance experience one has never seen.

Imagine the exotic masks, creative colorful costumes, music, dance performances and public dance, drinks, intimacy and laughter all tied together in a cozy and rustic corner nestled in the forestry of the University of Alberta.

Join us to celebrate life to live long and laugh load !!!